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Bovine Viral Diarrhea Antigen Test Kit

The QuickTest quickly identifies bovine virus diarrhea infected cattle using ear notch samples. Use on the farm or in the clinic to prevent the spread of BVD and the high costs associated with it. 

Performance losses averaged $88.26 per head when a BVD-PI calf is left in the pen.


"There are many aspects to managing cattle well and PI testing is just one of those aspects that is worth the peace of mind, time and effort. Ever since we started testing we've been able to turn over 500+ more calves per year. It's very simple and worth every penny." - Bryan Roberts, Fox Creek Cattle Co. 


  • ​Easy to run

  • Quick results

  • Rule out BVDV infection

  • Accurate

  • Low cost, high value

Test Kit Details

  • Bovine ear-notch samples

  • Results in 30 minutes

  • 576 tests

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"We continue to underestimate the immunosuppression caused by PI calves in the feedlot." - Dr. Dan Thomson, Iowa State Univ. 

Why test for BVD?

Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) is known as one of the world's costliest diseases. This is because BVDV suppresses the animals immune system making the animal susceptible to many other infections. The primary reservoir for BVDV is through Persistently Infected (PI) calves. These calves are born with the virus and shed billions of virus particles per day.

Exposure to one of these calves produces a large loss through reduced performance of the animal and mortality. When cattle are exposed to PI's:


  • Feed to gain is 35% higher

  • Cost of gain is 40% higher

  • Average daily gain is 20% lower

  • Mortality is twice as high

  • 15% reduction in vaccine efficacy 

  • 70-100% of immunocompromised cattle become infected

Two​ studies showed BVD was present in 40-63% of all fatal BRD cases - more than any other pathogen.

1. BVD-PI Testing to Protect Profits. Drovers. Accessed October 10, 2022.


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