Worlds Fastest On-Site BVD-PI Test for High Volume Prodcuers

Worlds Most Cost Effective On-Site BVD-PI Test

Worlds Most Accurate On-Site BVD-PI Test

Test On Site

The CST-QuickTest was designed for producers to quickly and easily use at their operation. No longer do you need to ship off samples or spend hours testing your herd. All you need is 3-4 feet of counter space and 30 minutes to run the test.

4 steps, 30 minutes

The CST-QuickTest is by far the worlds fastest Microwell ELISA BVD-PI test. Our test is designed for high volume throughput so you don't have to run samples in pools or sets anymore. Whether you run 10 samples or 150, 30 minutes is all you need to complete the test. 

Easy to Use

"We are very pleased with the accuracy and how easy it is to run." Jimmy Bryan, Prairie Livestock.

There are only four simple steps to complete the test. Accompanied with an easy to read protocol and thorough, quick online training videos this test is the easiest to run on the market. See what our customers think here.

0.4% prevelance rate of BVD-PI's causes a 33% incidence rate in the feeder setting.*

Replace antibiotics with proactive prevention of sickness by testing and removing BVD-PI's.

*Data on file.

The QuickTest is designed to quickly and easily test for BVD-PI at the speed of your operation. This test is geared more towards high volume users, as the minimum order is 288 wells. We do not sell a complete kit, a few reagents will be needed to run the test, these can be purchased through Central States Testing or another vendor. Call us today for more information!

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