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BVD Biosecurity

How is BVD spread?

BVD is shed through all excretions: saliva, nasal discharge, urine, feces, sweat and semen. Deer and mice have been known to carry BVD.

BVD can also be transferred by tools: needles, bottle nipples, hospital pens, etc.

How contagious is BVD?

BVD-PI animals will shed billions of virus particles per day, whereas acutely infected animals will only shed around 100,000 virus particles per day.

One study showed that a few drops from a used needle was enough to infect another animal with BVD.

What do you do if you find a PI animal?

Quarantine the animal. You can either euthanize it, make personal meat out of it, send it to slaughter, or attempt to grow it out to finishing weight.

How prevalent is BVD?

Prevalence of BVD depends on weight/age. 10% of cow/calf herds have a PI. In 4, 5 and 6 weight cattle, the Prevalence Rate is 4 PI's per 1,000 head. 

With 4 per 1,000 the Incidence Rate, or number of loads with a PI, can average

26 - 32%. This can expose up to 62% of a feedyard. 

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