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CST uses Antigen Capture Elisa (ACE) testing technology to identify BVD-PI animals. The sample used to preform the test is an ear notch sample which is simple and

easy to obtain. Our testing technology is the cleanest of all ACE tests, meaning our negatives are very clear, this makes it easier to interpret the test results.


At CST each sample is tested individually for increased accuracy. Many laboratories will test “pools” of samples in one test in an attempt to reduce testing costs. Pooling is  taking samples from multiple animals and testing these samples in one test. If the test returns a negative outcome it is assumed all animals in that test were negative.


CST research has shown that this pooling technique decreases accuracy and can mis-identify PI animals as negative animals. CST research shows that pooling samples together in a single test will decrease testing accuracy as much as 85%! For this reason CST will not pool samples in our testing. Accuracy in test outcomes is the single most important factor for our clients. Pooling is cost effective

for the lab but not cost effective for the producer.

Our Tests



Quickly and easily test for BVDV on the farm or in the clinic. Minimal equipment required, very competitive price. 

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CST-BVDView Test

The CST-BVDView test uses unparalleled Elisa technology developed by Central States Testing. This test is designed to be used in our lab setting for a more controlled 

environment which helps eliminate variables. 


Ship or drop off samples and receive results in one business day.


Benefits include:

  • 99.7% accuracy

  • Elimination of variables that can be seen on the farm

  • No equipment fees, labor costs or training

  • Just sample and ship

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Blood PregTest

CST offers pregnancy testing with the IDEXX Blood Pregnancy Test. There is no need to schedule the veterinarian, just draw blood at your convince. Simply ship it to us and we take care of the rest. 

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