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Economics and Signs of BVD

For cow/calf and feeder/stocker/backgrounders

What are the costs of BVD in feeder/stocker/backgrounder settings?

The costs associated with BVD in feeder/backgrounder/stocker operations ranges from

$30 - $66 per animal exposed to the virus. 

These costs come from decreased performance and increased health implications. 

Signs of BVD in feeder/stocker/backgrounder operations.

Signs of BVD in feeder/backgrounder/stocker operations includes: decreased daily gain, increased COG, increased pull rate, increased sickness, increased BRD and much more. 

What are the costs of BVD in cow/calf operations?

The costs associated with cow/calf operations can range from $15 - $72 per animal that is exposed to the virus. 

Signs of BVD in cow/calf operations

The signs of BVD in cow/calf operations can include but not limited to: decreased conception rates (up to 40%), increased abortions, decreased weaning weights, decreased milk production, increased sickness and much more.


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