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Blood Pregnancy Testing

Get ultrasound-like accuracy as early as 28 days after breeding making it an invaluable addition to your reproductive services. With the Bovine Pregnancy Test, you can get the certainty you’ve never had before, with early, accurate answers you can act on with confidence. You can know with over 99% certainty that the cow is open at just 28 days after breeding. And, a cow is identified as negative as soon as 60 days post calving without interference from the previous pregnancy. The Bovine Pregnancy Test detects pregnancy with 99.3% sensitivity and up to 95.1% specificity. 

Central States Testing offers accurate and cost effective blood pregnancy tests in the United States. We use an Antigen Capture Elisa (ACE) test to locate pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in serum or EDTA plasma. 

In-Lab test. Ship the samples to our lab and get the results the next business day.

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