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Texas Animal Health Commission BVD Rule

The Texas Animal Health Commission announced in December of 2019 that it has adopted a new rule to help mitigate the risk of BVD. This new rule will go into effect February 2nd, 2020.

Here are the 3 rules to the voluntary BVD program:

1) Any animal that initially tests Positive for being persistently infected will always be labeled as a PI, regardless if it was a technician error or an acute infection. The ONLY way to remove the label as being a PI is to test a follow up sample, which has to be negative. If an animal is tested in a pool of samples and the pool is positive, then all animals in the pool will be labeled as being PI.

2) The seller must disclose, in writing, that the animal is a PI either prior to or during the time of sale. You do not need to submit anything to the state. The state will not regulate or control your animal.

3) The TAHC will establish a BVD Working Group to annually review the program to make changes they see fit. This group will be comprised of industry leaders and veterinarians.

Again, this program is voluntary. You are not required to test for BVD (although it could save you thousands or hundreds of thousands every year). The state will not control how you move your animal.

The new rule will be published in the Texas Administrative Code under Title 4, Part 2, Chapter 44. Learn more about BVDV on our website.

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