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Why Test for BVD-PI Cattle?

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) is arguably one of the most costly viral diseases we see in cattle worldwide. Animals that are persistently infected (PI) with BVDV are considered the major reservoir for continual transmission of the virus.

  • PI's shed so many virus particles that vaccines may be less effective against the high challenge

  • BVDV suppresses the immune system, making the animal susceptible to many infections

  • The cost associated with PI's is $67 per animal, in reduced performance and increased mortality

  • PI's are not visibly recognizable, the only way to find them is to test for them

  • BVDV can be spread by any ruminant including deer and antelope

  • Testing can give you a marketing advantage when selling the cattle

Central States Testing offers single sample, accurate and cost effective BVD-PI tests in the United States. We use an Antigen Capture Elisa (ACE) test to locate specific proteins in the BVDV virus. We offer two different tests for BVD-PI testing:

Quickly and easily identify and remove BVD-PI calves by testing on site, farm or clinic. Recommended for testing 1,000+ head per year.

In-Lab test. Ship the samples to our lab or one of our many affiliates, and get the results the next business day. Just sample and ship.

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