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Become an affiliate lab

Increase your revenue and get results to your clients faster than ever with the CST-QuickTest

Cost Effective

Easy to use

Get all the equipment you need for just over $300

Only 4 steps to complete the test


Get results to your clients in 30 minutes

Price starts at $2.30 with volume discounts

Thorough training from the staff at Central States Testing

Run 100+ samples at one time

"The CST-Quick Test is the most rapid, reliable and economical test that we have found to use in our laboratory and the test is well supported by the staff at Central States." Jim Bob Harris, Texas Vet Lab, Inc

Continued Support

From trouble shooting to additional training, no cost

We help market and push potential clients to your lab

Clear Results

Accurate Results

Specific monoclonal technology allows for the clearest results in the industry

Industry leading accuracy

99.7% sensitivity, 97% specificity*

*Data on file at CST

Our affiliates

Ashland Vet Center - KS

Spur Ridge Vet Hospital - KS

Tri County Vet Center - KS

Wilco Veterinary Center - KS

Oakley Vet Service - KS

Profesisonal Beef Services - MO

Carroll County Vet Service - MO

Livestock Vet Services - MO

Wooderson Vet Clinic - MO

Circle H Laboratory - TX

Muleshoe Vet Clinic - TX

Texas Vet Lab, Inc - TX

Triangle Serum Company - OK

Plantation Vet Clinic - KY

Okie Dokie Cattle Data - OK

Bovine Vet Associates - NM

Wonderlich Vet Service - KY

Hartland Animal Hosp. - KY

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